Vienna premiere

Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever

Nattevagten - Dæmoner går i arv | Ole Bornedal | DK 2023 | 118 Min | DCP

Double Feature mit Nightwatch
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Martin’s life is still overshadowed by the gruesome events of thirty years ago. His daughter Emma wants to get to the bottom of their family trauma, which has driven her father to alcoholism and prescription meds and her mother to suicide. She applies for the same position as her dad and becomes a nightwatchwoman at the Copenhagen department of forensic medicine, soon to find that some monsters only lie dormant. The conclusion to Ole Bornedal’s Nightwatch saga, Demons Are Forever is a deftly executed, multifaceted psychothriller brimming with integrity and lessons in trauma therapy.

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Language OmeU
Cast Fanny Leander Bornedal, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kim Bodnia, Sonja Richter, Paprika Steen
Writer Ole Bornedal
Editing Gregers Dohn, Anders Villadsen
Cinematography Lasse Frank Johannessen


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