Nattevagten | Ole Bornedal | DK 1994 | 107 Min | DCP

Double Feature with Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever
Tickets also sold separately

Everyone who has seen this legendary Danish psycho-thriller will never forget the red lamp. Neither will Martin, the student who starts his new job as a night watchman at the Copenhagen department of forensic medicine and learns that he must also make his rounds through the morgue. Whenever somebody pulls a cord there, a red light goes on. But according to Martin’s predecessor, this has never happened. Until now. Ole Bornedal’s darkly humorous white-knuckle chiller from 1994 became an instant hit at the Danish box office. Thirty years on, we still sneak along with Martin through the dark corridors of the medical department, sweating, shaking, scared of the red lamp. A masterpiece of European genre cinema.

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Language OmeU
Cast Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Sofie Gråbøl, Kim Bodnia, Lotte Andersen
Writer Ole Bornedal
Editing Camilla Skousen
Cinematography Dan Laustsen


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