Austrian premiere


Kiah Roache-Turner | AU 2024 | 91 Min | DCP

©2024 SP Sting Productions: Emma Bjorndahl

Like most twelve-year-olds, Charlotte is rebellious. She loves creeping through the ventilation shafts of the old Brooklyn brownstone in which her family lives, to see what the neighbors are up to. In her German grandmother Gunter’s (!) apartment, she finds a small spider, which she promptly captures in a preserving jar to take to her room. Sting, as Charlotte christens the spider, quickly outgrows its container and discovers the practicability of air shafts to get food. Sting is a cuddly creature feature modeled on the kind of mid-eighties horror that made us fall in love with the genre.

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Language OV
Cast Alyla Brown, Ryan Corr, Penelope Mitchell Jermaine Fowler
Writer Kiah Roache-Turner
Editing Jeff Cummings, Luke Doolan, Kiah Roache-Turner
Cinematography Brad Shield