Austrian premiere

In a Violent Nature

Chris Nash | CA 2024 | 94 Min | DCP

When a necklace is stolen from a fire lookout, the damp forest floor beneath starts moving. A colossal rough-and-tumble figure digs itself out of the ground and starts plodding. Everyone who gets in the giant’s path is butchered. In A Violent Nature is an almost impressionistic ode to early slasher movies and, at the same time, a radical break from the genre, as virtually the entire film is told from the killer’s perspective—and all in glorious 4:3! Garnished with an extra thick layer of gore, this audacious experiment by young Canadian filmmaker Chris Nash is a wholly successful one. Rarely has a slasher felt so fresh!

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Language OV
Cast Ry Barrett, Andrea Pavlovic, Cameron Love, Reece Presley
Writer Chris Nash
Editing Alex Jacobs
Cinematography Pierce Derks