/slash 2019 Trailer von Kurdwin Ayub

Trailer: Kurdwin Ayub | Soundmix: Blautöne | Kamera: Caroline Bobek

This year’s festival trailer is by a film maker and performer who was born in Iraq and now lives in Vienna, Kurdwin Ayub.

“I dedicate this trailer to all the incredibly beautiful young women in my fitness studio in the firth district of Vienna. These gorgeous women try their hardest to expand their behind, pump up their lips, turn theirs breasts into balloons. And not just with sport. Yes, it is those sexual attributes that they wish to make bigger, just like female chimpanzees in mating season. Which sparks wild fights amongst the male chimpanzees. Human females do not do that for that reason though, but rather because there are other females on Instagram who are more beautiful. Set to music by Billie Eilish. She does not show her body in her videos, and yet she is absolutely beautiful. She is young, can sing, and write music. And yet she is often so very sad – even though she is rich, beautiful, young, and famous – not because she was at war, but because … nobody knows. Now everybody wants to be like her and look like her. So this video is also for Billie Eilish and her song that I sing, because she has beautifully full lips and yet she is sad because a man will not love her.”
Kurdwin Ayub