As a crowdfunder, you can make a significant contribution to the continued existence of SLASH. In addition to our eternal gratitude, you can once again get your hands on exclusive goodies such as hoodies, shirts with a special crowdfunding design or all-you-can-see passes for the festival in the fall, which will take place from September 19 to 29. You can support us on Startnext from 12:00 noon today until June 9.

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To mark the occasion, we are proud to present this year’s crowdfunding video. It’s hard to believe what a crazy piece of work the wizards of the Fleischwolf collective and their allies have created again this year. It will be presented on the big screen at SLASH 1/2. We would like to thank all those responsible.

Video Produktion: Fleischwolf Kollektiv


Directed by: Luke Röber
Script: Luke Röber & Jonas Klärner
Idea & Concept: Luke Röber, Jonas Klärner & Robert Puteanu
Concept Art: Elias Fleischer
Production: SLASH Filmfestival & Fleischwolf Kollektiv
Camera & Light: Robert Puteanu |
Catering & Transport: Oriana Langebner
Music: Jenny Gitschner | Hirngspinster

Production Design: Jonas Klärner
Costume & Props: Jonas Klärner
Special Effects: Jonas Klärner
Make-up: Fanny Rottensteiner
Post Production: Schnitt: Luke Röber & Robert Puteanu
Color Grading: Robert Puteanu
Sound Editing: Bernd Dormayer | Blautöne
Studio Mastering: Bernd Dormayer | Blautöne Studio
Graphic Design: Elias Fleischer | HYPHE


Albert: Thomas Blatt
Baba Jaga: Oriana Langebner

Cult Members
Katharina Brunner
Jonas Klärner
Florian Knappitsch
Amelie Liebich
Markus Tozzer
Thomas Blatt
Fanny Rottensteiner
Elias Fleischer

Thanks to:

Karin Kaiser-Rottensteiner
Robert Rottensteiner
Bernd Dormayer | Blautöne
Sophie Liebich | Kultur in der Mühle St. Veit
Norbert Pfaffenbichler
William von Ketelhodt
Emília Kigyós