Covid-19 Infos

Last updated: June  14, 2021

Dearest SLASHies,
To keep everyone safe throughout the festival, we ask you to stick to the following guidelines:

  • Like last year, there will be allocated seating, free seating is not an option.
  • Please wear an FFP2 mask at all times, also while staying at your allocated seat.
  • Where possible, ticketing will be contactless. The SLASH einhalb presale will therefore only be available online. However, remaining tickets will be sold at the door throughout the festival.
  • At SLASH einhalb, the 3-G rule applies. This means you either have to provide evidence of a negative corona test, a COVID vaccination or a previously overcome corona infection by means of the following documents:
    – an antigen test result from an official testing site: valid for 48h
    – a PCR test(e.g. AllesGurgelt): valid for 72h
    – a valid vaccination record documenting a COVID-19 vaccination: valid only 22 days after the first jab
    – evidence of a previous corona infection either by means of a doctor’s note or an official quarantine order (Absonderungsbescheid): valid up to 6 months retrospectively
  • Irrespective of the level of excitement, joy or fear – please keep a safe distance of at least one meter (or 3.28 feet if you still haven’t caught up with the metric system ye fool)
  • Seasoned SLASHies have seen enough atrocities to understand the importance of washing and desinfecting your hands frequently and thoroughly.
  • Long-time SLASHies have seen their share of gruesome and nasty things to know how important it is to wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect them afterward. There will be an ample supply of disinfectant.
  • Just like your favorite bar or restaurant, we are also obliged to have contact tracing at the festival. The specific manner in which the contact tracing will be carried out is yet to be determined. We will provide details on the contact tracing in time before the start of the festival. Just like last year, we vouch to absolutely obliterate and annihilate everybody(‘s personal data) 28 days later. Pinky promise!
  • After each film, the cinema halls will be aired out. We should have started doing that long before COVID, it’s kinda nice.
  • To avoid overcrowding in the foyer, we kindly ask you to arrive just in time for the screenings of your choice, so that you can get straight to your allocated seat. After the film, you will exit through the backyard.
  • Needless to say, surfaces and door handles will routinely be cleaned and desinfected by the staff.

We do our best to keep everyone healthy and we hope to celebrate—a little differently than usual but no less joyfully—a wonderful SLASH edition with you. After all, there’s probably no audience that’s better prepared for a pandemic, a zombie apocalypse, or some other dystopian cataclysm than you!

Please contact for any further questions