Some Like It Rare

Barbaque | Fabrice Eboué | FR 2021 | 87 Min | DCP

Do vegans have better taste? Well, they certainly taste better. This flash of insight strikes a butcher couple out in the French boondocks, whose little shop is attacked by vegan activists. After driving over one of them as an act of revenge, they butcher him for the counter, and lo and behold: The vegan ham, labeled as Iranian pork (!), sells like hotcakes! SOME LIKE IT RARE is a caustic but surprisingly nimble horror satire about a war of eating habits and the delicious gray area between noble ideals and the pragmatism of a well-sharpened cleaver.

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Language OmeU
Cast Marina Foïs, Fabrice Eboué, Jean-François Cayrey, Lisa Do Couto Texeira
Writer Fabrice Eboué, Vincent Solignac
Editing Alice Plantin
Cinematography Thomas Brémond