Vienna premiere


Tilman Singer | DE/US 2024 | 102 Min | DCP

Gretchen is seventeen, age-appropriately rebellious, and therefore not exactly over the moon that she’s moving with her dad’s new family from the States to a vacation resort in the Bavarian Alps. The resort’s sinister, ever-grinning manager, Herr König, warns them about going for walks alone at night, and when Gretchen sets out on one of those, she discovers that behind the natural idyll there’s a gaping abyss. After his award-winning experimental debut Luz, Tilman Singer unleashes a nightmare that is as hypertextured as it is confidently absurd and artificial, with a stellar Hunter Schafer in the lead.

In attendance of Tilman Singer (director, screenplay)

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Language OV
Cast Hunter Schafer, Dan Stevens, Jessica Henwick, Marton Csokas
Writer Tilman Singer
Editing Terel Gibson, Philipp Thomas
Cinematography Paul Faltz


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