Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon

Ana Lily Amirpour | US 2021 | 106 Min | DCP

During the intro, you hear a voice calling for “Mona Lisa,” almost as if it wanted to summon the enigmatic main character of this wild, idiosyncratic New Orleans fantasy. Mona Lisa, a North Korean woman with telekinetic abilities, has just escaped from a high-security mental asylum. Single-parent stripper Bonnie (a superb Kate Hudson) swiftly takes her under her wing and exploits her shamelessly, until Mona Lisa elopes with Bonnie’s son Charlie. Equal parts cuckoo bananas and sweet as honey, MONA LISA AND THE BLOOD MOON keeps insisting that something like hope and human warmth can—and indeed must—exist in this cold, dirty world.

Language OV
Cast Ed Skrein, Kate Hudson, Jeon Jong-seo, Craig Robinson, Michael Carollo
Writer Ana Lily Amirpour
Editing Taylor Levi
Cinematography Pawel Pogorzelski