Wild Zero

Wild Zero | Tetsuro Takeuchi | JP 1999 | 98 Min | DCP

Perfectly pomaded pompadours crown pitch-black leather outfits. Guitar Wolf is a Japanese rock ‘n’ roll band who in their hyperenergetic brain grinder of a cult movie Wild Zero take their biggest fan Ace, his new flame Tobio, and other deviants to fight a zombie invasion AND an alien invasion. Director Tetsuro Takeuchi puts the pedal all the way to the metal on this one. Heads burst, plectrums kill, and eyes shoot deadly rays of energy. Yet there’s time for tenderness. In the words of Guitar Wolf: “Love has no borders, nationalities or genders.”

Tetsuro Takeuchi
was born in 1966 and founded his first production company when he was still a university student. A famous music-video director in his home country of Japan, he made many clips for the band Guitar Wolf. For his cinematic debut, Wild Zero (1999), a film “more B than any other B-film imaginable,” he not only spent the entire budget but also his own money. Suffering a nervous breakdown during filming, he was unable to complete the movie himself.
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Language OmdU
Cast Masashi Endō, Kwancharu Shitichai, Guitar Wolf
Writer Satoshi Takagi, Tetsuro Takeuchi
Editing Tomoe Kubota
Cinematography Motoki Kobayashi