Tiny Cinema

Tiny Cinema | Tyler Cornack | US 2022 | 84 Min | DCP

There’s nothing tiny about the latest offering from the utterly talented and utterly batshit makers of Butt Boy. Everything is grand—the vision of a mysterious stranger telling us six stories about six people that are somehow linked. Tiny Cinema was the title of a series of one-minute comedic nightmare vignettes that Tyler Cornack and Ryan Koch posted online over the course of three years (watch them all on YouTube!). The movie version expands the stories quite a bit, but—and that’s what’s most important—they’re still coming in hot in all their crackbrained glory.

Tyler Cornack
is a writer, director, and comedian known for The Pocketeers (2016) and Butt Boy (SLASH 2020). Tiny Cinema, his most recent work, takes its title and comedic, nightmarish vignette style from the online channel of the same name, which was founded by Tyler together with Bill Morean and Ryan Koch.
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Language eOV
Cast Tyler Cornack, Austin Lewis, Shelby Dash, and many others
Writer Tyler Cornack, Ryan Koch, William Morean
Editing Tyler Cornack, Austin Lewis
Cinematography Joel Lavold, William Morean