The Mole Song: Final

Mogura no Uta Final | Takashi Miike | JP 2021 | 129 Min | DCP

Ⓒ2021 Fuji Television Network/Shogakukan/ J Storm/Toho/OLM
ⒸNoboru Takahashi/Shogakukan

This pyrotechnical whimsy is the fitting—which is to say, pretty fucking silly—last chapter in jack-of-all-trades Takashi Miike’s Mole Song trilogy, which began in 2010. This time, oafish undercover cop Reiji—who, as custom prescribes, also starts this adventure in his birthday suit—smells a fantastic opportunity to finally put the boss of yakuza group Sukiya-kai behind bars once and for all. To that end, he beats, screams, crashes, and stumbles his way through the finest set pieces, before the grand finale takes its place among the pantheon of Miike-sensei’s WTF moments that delight the soul and blow the mind.

Takashi Miike
really needs no introduction. Born in 1960 in Yao, Japan, he once worked as an assistant to the legendary Shohei Imamura. Miike-san has made in excess of 100 films so far, including classics like Audition (1999), which marked his big international breakthrough, Ichi the Killer (2001), the Dead or Alive trilogy, and Sukiyaki Western Django (2007). Many of his works have been screened at SLASH, including the first part of his The Mole Song trilogy, Hong Kong Capriccio, and the samurai manga adaptation Blade of the Immortal (both in 2017).
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Language OmeU
Cast Tōma Ikuta, Riisa Naka, Ryôhei Suzuki
Writer Kankurō Kudō
Editing Naoichiro Sagara
Cinematography Nobuyasu Kita