Safe Word

Aishiteru! | Kōji Shiraishi | JP 2022 | 94 Min | DCP

Kōji Shiraishi, who became famous for extraordinary horror films like Noroi, shot this modern pinku eiga as a revenant of sorts of the classic Japanese soft sex flick, which saw its heyday in the 1970s and ’80s. Underground idol Misa is headhunted by a BDSM club for her supposed—or rather, anticipated—talents as a dominatrix. Seeing the prospect as a challenge at first, the young woman soon uses the S&M sessions to expand her erotic and sexual self-perception by several dimensions at once. Safe Word is exciting and stimulating, liberating and delightful.

Kōji Shiraishi
is one of the most productive J-horror and exploitation directors. With his hit Noroi (2005), he proved that his works don’t even make you feel safe in broad daylight. Sadako vs Kayako (SLASH 2016) pitted the vengeful ghosts of Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge against each other, while his 2009 torture-porn horror Grotesque made news for being banned in the UK. Favorite film directors include Gakuryū Ishii (Electric Dragon 80.000 V), John Carpenter, and Sam Raimi. Shiraishi-san’s movie Safe Word, is part of Roman Porno Now, a project by legendary Japanese studio Nikkatsu celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its “Nikkatsu Roman Porno” brand.
Language OmeU
Cast Chisako Kawase, Nagisa Toriumi, Ai Otoha
Writer Kōji Shiraishi, Kohei Taniguchi
Editing Kōji Shiraishi
Cinematography Kei Ikeda, Ryoka Neya