Nr. 10

Nr. 10 | Alex van Warmerdam | NL/BE 2021 | 100 Min | DCP

Alex van Warmerdam may be the best—but is definitely the most underrated—director of contemporary Dutch cinema. From frame one, Nr. 10 proves him a master of downplayed confusion. The deceptively conventional story about a theater troupe who is sabotaged by its own (hurt) feelings while rehearsing its new play is jeopardized by strange contaminants—characters, sentences, words that just don’t make any sense. Only when our eyes are redirected from the stage to life and from life to something else entirely do we begin to understand how unforgettable this film is. A singular masterpiece.

Alex van Warmerdam
founded his first theater company in 1974, after graduating from university. He has since won many awards for his work in literature, theater, and film. In 2010, his multidisciplinary work, which also includes painting, was the subject of a solo exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, followed by an exhibition at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam. Entries in his filmography include The Last Days of Emma Blank, Schneider vs. Bax, as well as Borgman (SLASH 2014), which won Best Film at Sitges in 2013.
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Language OmeU
Cast Tom Dewispelaere, Frieda Barnhard, Pierre Bokma
Writer Alex van Warmerdam
Editing Job ter Burg
Cinematography Tom Erisman