Zhòu | Kevin Ko | TW 2022 | 110 Min | DCP

The movie opens with Ronan looking into the camera, chanting an incantation, and asking the audience to join in. It’s supposed to bless her little daughter and lift the spell the girl has been under ever since Ronan took a trip with friends into the remote Chinese province of Yunnan six years ago to film a mysterious ritual. Kevin Ko’s found-footage fright fest Incantation proves once again that Taiwanese horror cinema is experiencing an impressive renaissance. In his home country, it became the most successful film of the year (so far). Will you dare to chant along?

Kevin Ko
was born in 1983 and rose to prominence with a string of shorts, including The Print. He made his feature debut in 2009 with Invitation Only, “Taiwan’s first-ever slasher horror,” but has since also made more romantic fare, including Dude’s Manual (2018), his first foray into mainland China. His latest effort, Incantation, is now the highest-grossing Taiwanese horror film ever and has been a streaming hit not only in Asia but also South America.
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Language OmeU
Cast Hsuan-yen Tsai, Ying-Hsuan Kao, Sean Lin, Ching-Yu Wen
Writer Kevin Ko, Che-Wei Chang
Editing Kevin Ko
Cinematography Ko-Chin Chen