​Fantastic Futures—SLASH’s showcase that celebrates the brightest up-and-coming talents—lives on in a somewhat different form. This year, instead of putting the spotlight on a single filmmaker, we decided to diversify by turning this section into its own competition for student and first-time filmmakers. Discover a total of nine distinct works across our short film programs and marvel at just how fantastic the future of genre cinema is.

Last year’s Fantastic Futures honoree, Joséphine Darcy Hopkins, will identify this year’s winner, who will receive a full certificate for Final Draft screenwriting software.

The following films are nominated for the Fantastic Futures prize:

Censor of Dreams (Leo Berne, Raphaël Rodriguez)
Chicks (Geena Marie Hernandez)
Headless (Bason Baek)
Hold Me Tight (Leoluna Robert-Tourneur)
Last Seen (Nathan Ginter)
Letter to a Pig (Tal Kantor)
Phlegm (Jan-David Bolt)
Starfuckers (Antonio Marziale)
Swept Under (Ethan Soo)