Germany. A Winter's Tale
DE 2018 | 125 Min | DCP
Metro Historisch
Tu, 24.09. | 20:30
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A film as a punch. More than one actually, directly into the gut: hidden underground, three neo-Nazis are preparing for something big. Until their plan goes into action they play through and practice all those power structures, potential for aggression and desire for dominance that drive them, on a private, and also, on a sexual level. Wintermärchen is a film that is an imposition in the best sense: this portrayal of a fascist cell tells of emotional brutalization, and spiritual destitution in almost unbearable closeness and intensity. Without a doubt, one of the most radical and best films to come out of the German speaking world in the past few years.

In attendance of Jan Bonny and Thomas Schubert.

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Language OmeU
Director Jan Bonny
Cast Thomas Schubert, Ricarda Seifried, Jean-Luc Bubert
Writer Jan Eichberg, Jan Bonny
Editing Stefan Stabenow, Christoph Otto
Cinematography Benjamin Loeb
Metro Historisch
Tu, 24.09. | 20:30