The Wind

US 2018 | 86 Min | DCP
Tu, 24.09. | 18:00
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A frontier tale, set to a scenic wasteland that is centered around a lonely, unhappy woman. Lizzy feels that there is something out there in that vast expanse, some dreadful presence drawing ever nearer. Her emotionally haggard husband dismisses it as silly superstition. Yet, when a young couple moves into the neighborhood, the whispering, hissing wind returns, bringing with it something dreadful. Emma Tammi’s terrifying horror western The Wind lives and breathes Gothic horror atmosphere, and is like a spiritual sister piece to Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook. A feminist genre revision as an intense extraordinary experience.

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Language eOV
Director Emma Tammi
Cast Caitlin Gerard, Julia Goldani Telles, Ashley Zukerman
Writer Teresa Sutherland
Editing Alexandra Amick
Cinematography Lyn Moncrief
Tu, 24.09. | 18:00