The Fable

JP 2019 | 123 Min | DCP
Mo, 23.09. | 18:00
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The professional assassin Akira is so legendary in his field that he is known only as The Fable. At the very start of the film he takes care of two gangs at a wedding without even breaking a sweat. One glance is enough for him to calculate the perfect trajectory of his bullets, thus literally having overwhelming attack strategies in front of his eyes. Yet soon Akira is faced with the most difficult challenge in his career: in order to perfect his ability to hide, he is supposed to lay low in Osaka and live a “normal” life for one year. Just that Akira does not know what to do with normality – and so he gets caught up again and again in absurd criminal disputes. An enrapturing cinematic adaptation of the eponymous success Manga, utterly disarming in its combination of humorous mix-ups and keenly exaggerated action sequences.

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Language OmeU
Director Kan Eguchi
Cast Junichi Okada, Fumino Kimura, Mizuki Yamamoto
Writer Yusuke Watanabe
Editing Tsuyoshi Wada
Cinematography Kazunari Tanaka
Mo, 23.09. | 18:00
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