Spit and Ashes

US/CH 2019 | 72 Min | DCP
Metro Historisch
Fr, 27.09. | 23:00
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Alt porn queen Maria Beatty unshackles two female tropes in Spit and Ashes: the “high priestess” and the “midwife” celebrate a variety of erotic, sexual, and violent occult rituals in a hyper symbolic experimental performance arrangement with the expressed goal of reinterpreting historical crimes against the female (body) by the patriarchy, and to prepare for the coming battles. A BDSM fever dream, shot mostly in black and white that includes a pentagram of menstruation blood, masturbation with a burning candle, and a soundtrack chant by the punk legend Lydia Lunch. Throughout it is essential, provocative, sensual, transgressive underground cinema, and a heart piece of this year’s /slash program.

Language eOV
Director Maria Beatty
Cast Sadie Lune, Dion de Rossi, Daniel Maszkowicz
Writer Maria Beatty, Sadie Lune, Dion de Rossi
Editing Clementine Gillieron, Maria Beatty
Cinematography Theo Meow, Jo Pollux
Metro Historisch
Fr, 27.09. | 23:00