Something Else

US 2019 | 83 Min | DCP
Metro Historisch
Sa, 21.09. | 20:30
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Hank and Abby are a dream couple and live out their harmonic relationship in a country house. Ten years later it is all over: without any explanation Abby leaves her husband and the house, leaving Hank to wander through the ruins of his love filled with self-pity and rage, convinced that whenever the sky turns dark, a monster tries to break into his home. Seven years after the indie hit The Battery, Jeremy Gardner once more blends a scattered relationship scenario with an excellent character drama in Something Else to make a minimalist, highly effective genre film that includes every aspect between massive horror techniques (including a jump-out-of-your-seat-scare) and a fourteen minute long dialogue sequence as a pièce de résistance.

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Language eOV
Director Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella
Cast Jeremy Gardner, Henry Zebrowski, Brea Grant
Writer Jeremy Gardner
Editing Christian Stella, Jeremy Gardner
Cinematography Christian Stella
Metro Historisch
Sa, 21.09. | 20:30