Penguin Highway

JP 2018 | 118 Min | DCP
Su, 22.09. | 13:00
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The bookworm Aoyama is a bright elementary school student: when his village is suddenly overrun by an abundance of penguins all waddling away in the same direction, the curious boy decides to follow them together with a dentist’s assistant in order to find out what is at the end of the Penguin Highway. Hiroyasu Ishidas feature film debut is an overwhelmingly complex and unabashedly gorgeous anime that combines mystery elements with coming-of-age, all carried by lush animation flooded with sunbeams and shadow plays. Both the animation studio Studio Colorido as well as Ishida himself are names to remember for anime fans.

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Language OmeU
Director Hiroyasu Ishida
Voices Kana Kita, Yū Aoi, Rie Kugimiya
Writer Tomihiko Morimi (novel), Makoto Ueda (screenplay)
Editing Ayaka Minami
Concept Artist Yojiro Arai
Su, 22.09. | 13:00
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