Nina Wu

Juo ren mi mi
TW/MY/MM 2019 | 103 Min | DCP
Metro Pleskow
Su, 29.09. | 18:30
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Nina Wu is working on her breakthrough as an actress in Taipei, while making ends meet as a webcam model. Suddenly she is given the chance to participate in a bigger project, albeit one with rather liberal sexual content. The director purposefully torments Nina so that she becomes more believable in her role – and her psyche begins to crumble when traumatic memories begin to resurface. Director Midi Z’s cold, confrontational psycho thriller follows the trail of the classic anime Perfect Blue, but is also an affair of the heart for co-author and protagonist Wu Ke-Xi, who based the script to a large extent on her own experiences, a piece of contemporary history: #MeToo – the Movie.

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Language OmeU
Director Midi Z
Cast Ke-Xi Wu, Yu-hua Sung, Yu-chiao Hsia
Writer Ke-Xi Wu, Midi Z
Editing Matthieu Laclau, Yann-shan Tsai
Cinematography Florian J. E. Zinke
Metro Pleskow
Su, 29.09. | 18:30