SG 2018 | 83 Min | DCP
Metro Historisch
Sa, 21.09. | 18:00
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The inexperienced actress Vicki is given the opportunity to act in a new production by the renown Singaporean director Daniel. Yet the promising collaboration turns out to be pure agony, as Daniel makes Vicki jump through every hoop imaginable. The debut feature film by Daniel Hui from Singapore was one of the big surprises at festivals all around the world last year. What begins with a realistic psychodrama with strong overtones of the MeToo movement, soon becomes a fantastical genre ghost train trip that takes entirely unexpected twists and turns in a highly enjoyable manner. From absurd role playing (with a fish as a hat!), to a bloody finale filled with mysticism: A cutting commentary on cultural production as cannibalism.

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Language OmeU
Director Daniel Hui
Cast Yanxuan Vicki Yang, Glen Goei, Viknesh Kobinathan
Writer Daniel Hui
Editing Daniel Hui
Cinematography Wan Ping Looi
Metro Historisch
Sa, 21.09. | 18:00