US 2019 | 80 Min | DCP
Fr, 20.09. | 23:00
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Nowhere to go but down: the painter Dezzy smokes non-stop, drinks like a fish and uses the word FUCK at least once in every second sentence. Usually more often than that. A creative block makes her revive old alliances and soon she loses herself stuffed with psychotropic substances. Joe Begos’ psychotronic nightmare Bliss only knows full speed. Through overstimulation it evokes a sensory collapse in the viewers, and also regarding the volume of bodily fluids keeps up with previous work of the mad and insanely talented director. A maximally indigestible affair in a DIY punk spirit, that leaves the audience members wanting a shower, and probably a drink and a smoke.

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Language eOV
Director Joe Begos
Cast Dora Madison, Jeremy Gardner, Tru Collins
Writer Joe Begos
Editing Josh Ethier
Cinematography Mike Testin
Fr, 20.09. | 23:00