Aragne: Sign of Vermillion

JP 2018 | 75 Min | DCP
Metro Pleskow
Fr, 20.09. | 21:00
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The student Rin moves into what is presumably the most run-down building complex in Japan. Yet grime and muck prove to be the least of her worries, as soon the young woman is tormented by terrible visions in which humongous insects burst out of human flesh. Saku Sakamoto wrote, directed, and edited this maximally disgusting and profoundly scary acid horror trip all on his own. Oh yes, and he also composed the music. Aragne: Sign Of Vermillion is only tied to the principles of logic by a very thin thread. All in all Sakamoto’s existentialist horror thriller comes across as pure creative outburst directly from his brain: in all of its glory it is deeply disturbing, and a must-see, not only for insect lovers!

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Language OmeU
Director Saku Sakamoto
Voices Kana Hanazawa
Writer Saku Sakamoto
Editing Saku Sakamoto
Concept Artist Saku Sakamoto
Metro Pleskow
Fr, 20.09. | 21:00