BE/FR 2019 | 98 Min | DCP
We, 25.09. | 18:00
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The mother of the twelve-year-old, highly sensitive Paul works in a psychiatric hospital that lies in midst the forest in the Ardennes. When he meets Gloria by chance, who is the same age as he is, as a patient in the hospital, he falls deeply for her and helps her to break out: the two youngsters flee through the thick forest, but what begins as a run-away romance, soon mutates into a destructive Entwicklungsroman. The exceptional director Fabrice du Welz captures this displaced world of the two youths in hyper sensuous analogue images, and transforms them into a fantastical, surreal primordial soup of desire, lust, and despair: Adoration is a revelation.

Language OmeU
Director Fabrice du Welz
Cast Thomas Gioria, Fantine Harduin, Benoît Poelvoorde,
Writer Romain Protat, Vincent Tavier, Fabrice du Welz
Editing Anne-Laure Guégan
Cinematography Manuel Dacosse
We, 25.09. | 18:00