Dark Glasses

Occhiali Neri | Dario Argento | IT/FR 2022 | 90 Min | DCP

On the run from a serial killer, the high-class escort Diana crashes her car and loses her eyesight. While she slowly learns to live her life as a blind person, she befriends the Chinese boy Chin, whose parents died in the same accident. But the killer still has some unfinished business and is dogging her steps. Il maestro è tornato! A full decade after his last big-screen adventure, legendary director Dario Argento returns to the genre that made his career. DARK GLASSES is a sleek giallo, an unpretentious late work imbued with subtle madness and garnished with luscious splatter effects.

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Language OmeU
Cast Ilenia Pastorelli, Asia Argento, Andrea Gherpelli, Xinyu Zhang
Writer Dario Argento, Franco Ferrini
Editing Flora Volpelière
Cinematography Matteo Cocco